The Necronomicon Gamebook is a literary adventure into which you can experience the horrors narrated in the H. P. Lovecraft stories. This first volume merges three great literary classics of Cthulhu: Dagon, The Festival and The Hound. The original texts have been...
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In the Shaolia: Warring States board game, two fronts collide to decide who will become emperor of the exotic lands of Shaolia. Quick to explain and play. The almost total lack of text and color choices also make it playable from 8 years upwards!
Trapwords - Anteprima
Trapwords is a team language game published in Italy by Cranio Creations, which starts from Taboo as a game concept, but which at the same time departs from it by expanding it and adding a more engaging setting, more options and more depth. We tried it and played at Play2019!
Al Modena Play 2019 abbiamo provato il gioco da tavolo Pictomania della Cranio Creations ideato dal geniale Vlaada Chvátil, che insomma due giochi li ha azzeccati nella sua carriera! Disegnare non è mai stato tanto divertente!!!
At Play2019 we played the board game: The Mysterious Forest. Little Jonas has to go through The Mysterious Forest with only his trusty backpack and will have to pick his way up doing everything necessary to overcome this great adventure.
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